Is your marketing plan for 2010 . . .

  • dancing around in pieces in your head?
  • scattered across who-knows-how-many post-it notes and scraps of paper?
  • shot to heck, because what you thought would happen so far this year didn’t?
  • hopelessly unrealistic?
  • non-existent?

I’m going to show staff at 20 nonprofits how to take control of their marketing programs, set realistic goals, prioritize how they spend their time and money, and make great things happen for their organizations by the end of 2010.

How? Through June’s coaching e-clinic! It’s called Creating Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan for the Rest of 2010 and it will take place June 7 – July 2, 2010.

This e-clinic will include weekly worksheets that will add up to your plan at the end of the month and coaching and training sessions with me to help you make good decisions. Nancy Schwartz of will be pitching in ideas and advice too.

You’ll also be grouped with a two or three other participants who are facing similar challenges, so you can share ideas, experiences, and resources with other nonprofit colleagues who understand what you are going through.

And I’m throwing in a copy of my new book, “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide,” too.

This course is limited to just 20 nonprofit staff. Our “20 Days to More Powerful Nonprofit Writing” e-clinic sold out in less than a week, so register soon!

P.S. Here’s what coming up on the weekly webinar series schedule . . .

May 25: Powerful Programs and Amazing Auctions for Your Fundraising Party

June 3: Quickie Annual Reports: Simple Ways to Share Results with Supporters

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