I’ll be honest with you  . . . it’s not as affordable as our All-Access Pass to our webinar series and e-books. But it’s much less expensive than working with me one-on-one. For what you will receive during the six months of the mentoring program, I would charge an individual organization at least $20,000, and probably more.

But because of the way the program is structured, I can provide this six-month mentoring program to you for just $3,600, which can be paid online in 6 monthly installments of $600. If you can pay your full fee upfront, you can save $600 and pay just $3,000. Either way, a deposit of $600 is required to hold your place when you register and that will be applied to the full payment due.

This six-month program is all or nothing  . . . to ensure that we establish a solid working relationship, that you get the support you need, and that the group builds continuity and trust, each participant must commit to the full six-month program. No partial registrations will be allowed.

This is an investment in you, and in the future of your organization. The return on that investment could be ten-fold in less than a year, because you’ll learn how to work much more efficiently, how to make better decisions, and to more wisely spend the resources you do have. I bet you’ll also be much happier in your job, saving your nonprofit the high cost of replacing you.

As with everything we do, your registration comes with a full money-back guarantee. If after completing the full mentoring program, including the majority of group and individual calls, you decide it wasn’t worth the money, simply request a refund within 30 days and we’ll process it right away.