Last week I talked about how our constant desire to better ourselves can become a bad thing when we tie our self-worth to that self-improvement.

For more on how we can make sure we aren’t feeling too much like a failure, check out “The Power of Low-Stakes Productivity.” (This week’s Smarter Living newsletter feature)

In that article, Leah Fessler encourages us to focus on our little wins every day as opposed to only feeling good when we complete a major task.

…small wins can have just as positive an influence on our sense of self-efficacy, happiness and, ultimately, our productivity as enormous accomplishments do.

Leah Fessler

So take a step back and celebrate the more mundane accomplishments you complete each day.

Cleaned off your desk? Great job!!

Started a load of laundry? Yay!

Shredded some old mail? Gold star!

Read a few pages of a book? Way to go!

Answered an email? Whoo hoo!

Salute those small achievements every single day and see what it can do for your mental health.

Published On: August 17, 2020|Categories: Workflows, Processes, and Productivity|