Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop October 12 NYCWhen I offer my “Quick and Dirty” marketing plan workshop, I’m always saying things like, “But when you do your REAL plan, you’ll also do this and this . . . “

I know most of you don’t have time for more than the quick-and-dirty approach. But for those of you who are ready for something more, for the real deal, it’s time to register for the Total Focus Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop.

I’m teaching it with Getting Attention’s Nancy Schwartz in New York City on October 12 — and the early bird rate to register ends this Friday.

This is our last workshop together in 2011.

Here are some of the elements of the full marketing plan we walk you through step-by-step in the Total Focus workshop that you miss out on when you take the quick-and-dirty approach:

  • Clear connections between your strategic goals and your marketing goals
  • Benchmarks for your marketing goals so you know if you are making progress or not
  • A more methodical approach to your situation analysis aka environmental scan, including a communications audit
  • Truly understanding your target audiences through the creation of several personas (we spend about an hour on this in the workshop — it’s an incredibly valuable step that you skip in the quickie version)
  • Creating calls to action and messages that closely align with your personas
  • Breaking out the key differences between marketing strategies and communications tactics (which are often blended in the quick and dirty approach for the sake of time)
  • Developing a budget and staffing plan to support the marketing strategy (rather than the just-do-it implementation of the quickie plan).

If you are ready to put a real plan behind your work, and make 2012 your most successful year yet, then join Nancy and me for the roadmap.

Register this week and you’ll save $100!

Published On: July 25, 2011|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|