Long-time readers know I am a sucker for (1) good metaphors, (2) timely newsjacking, and (3) well-done email messaging.

The National Audubon Society nailed all three with their recent email campaign.

On November 3, Election Day, the subject line was “Today is Election Day, Don’t Wing It.” Bonus points for the pun. On November 7, I received two emails: “Audubon’s Message to Election Winners: It’s Time to Act” and my favorite of the whole campaign: “A lame duck can still do plenty of damage.”

Also smart: Using the Bald Eagle prominently in the messaging. It’s a great match for the patriotic theme of a national election and presidential actions.

On November 8, the email subject line was “Think they’ll double down? We do. [Protect birds now].” This is another smart, timely reference to the the national dialogue of the moment, which includes what else the Trump Administration will try to before January 20, including gutting additional environmental protections that matter to Audubon and bird lovers.

Icing on the cake? The calls to action are for both a monthly gift AND a match — the first three months of giving will be matched.

Don’t be afraid to connect to whatever the national experience and dialogue is, especially when you can do so in a smart, strategic way like Audubon.