In last week’s newsletter, Kivi asked our subscribers to share what hobbies you have picked up as the pandemic wears on.

We got so many fantastic responses, we are switching gears from our Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator series to a new mini-series: Hobbies of Nonprofit Communicators.

So let’s all take a breather from thinking about work and share the fun stuff we are up to.

We’ll start sharing the stories we’ve gotten already, but we would also love to hear from you. What have you been up to? We have heard from people with a wide range of new interests from stop motion video to puzzles to learning a new instrument. We heard from people who have also adopted new pets in the last year.

Email me what your new hobby or interest to be added to the series!

Here is what Kivi and I enjoyed during quarantine:

Kivi has really gotten into loose tea. She has always been a tea drinker, but mostly stuck to grocery store bagged teas. A friend invited her to a Facebook Group for loose tea drinkers, and her new pandemic hobby grew from there. She gets tea mail now from companies like Plum Deluxe, August Uncommon, and Magic Hour.

Kivi’s Tea Collection

And me? I adopted two rescue dogs in 2020.

I randomly saw a Facebook post by a local rescue shelter about a Beagle named Max and it just so happens I grew up with a Beagle name Max so how could I say no!

Max, before and after

He is around 5 years old and has a pretty tragic backstory. He didn’t really know how to be a dog. He’s very skittish and didn’t play with toys. And since everyone was still home from school, we decided to adopt another dog in December. Enter Hazel who is almost a year and very much knows how to be a dog.


Her story isn’t quite as tragic as she at least had a home at one point. But she teaches him how to play and he teaches her how to be lazy. They make a sweet pair.

Max and Hazel

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