star rankingIn the 2017 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report Survey, which is open for you to participate in through December 2, we are asking a new question:

How would you rate the overall effectiveness of your nonprofit’s communications in 2016?

We give you a five-star scale, from Not At All Effective (1 star) to Extremely Effective (5 stars).

The average ranking among the 600+ nonprofits that have participated so far is 3.3 stars, or slightly better than Somewhat Effective.

Once we have the final results in January, we’ll take a closer look at how organizations that rank themselves as 4 stars (31%) and 5 stars (4%) answered other questions in the survey about their use of best practices compared to those who only gave themselves 1 or 2 stars (10% combined). We suspect that will reveal some illuminating differences!

To make the report as useful as possible for everyone, we need to hear from more nonprofit communications staff. 

Please take the survey now, and add your voice and perspective! You’ll be invited to a special webinar for survey participants only.



Published On: November 23, 2016|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|