If you’re curious about how often other nonprofits communicate on Facebook, Instagram, email, or any other communications channels, we have answers from the 2022 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. 

Communications frequency is one strong indicator of effectiveness. If you don’t get your messages in front of the right people often enough, it’s hard to accomplish your communications, marketing, and fundraising goals. Ineffective communications teams reliably underestimate the frequency needed to break through to people.

Below you’ll see the median communications frequencies reported by nonprofit communicators in the 2022 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. Within the report, you’ll also find a chart that compares the median communications frequencies to what the more effective and the less effective nonprofits reported.

When reviewing how often you should communicate, remember that what’s reported here is the reality, not necessarily the best practice.

For example, we strongly encourage nonprofits to email more often than monthly, which is the median. We also know that posting monthly on social media isn’t effective – those who are posting only monthly likely know that but are simply maintaining a basic presence rather than not using the social media site at all.

You can download this chart as a one-page PDF

How Often Nonprofits Communicate



Published On: January 20, 2022|Categories: Editorial and Content Calendars, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|