What should we write about in our newsletters, website, blog, social media, etc.?

How do we engage our supporters and get them talking to us, especially online?

How I do manage our communications without driving myself insane?

As I spend more and more of my time thinking about and working on answers to these three common questions from nonprofit marketers, I’ve been searching for a way to bring it all together.

I sometimes refer to this confluence as turning your nonprofit into a media mogul, which emphasizes managing lots of different communications channels to reach your supporters directly.

But what I’m really more interested in is how nonprofits go through the process of creating and managing all their own writing and visuals, as well as the equally good and better stuff from others, while also encouraging and embracing the back-and-forth conversations with supporters, which social media makes so much easier.

I’ve decided to refer to this place as “Junction C.” It’s where creating and curating meet content and conversation, and I think it’s a place where most nonprofit communicators should be working.

Junction C: Where Creating and Curating Meet Content and Conversation

While I hadn’t quite named this place at the time, I did have conversations with several nonprofit communicators about working in that space while I attended the Nonprofit Technology Conference. Seven of them were kind enough to let me record our conversations about how they create and curate for their organizations, including who makes the decisions about what goes online and when.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll share video interviews with

I’m also working on an e-book to be released this summer, and have scheduled a few related webinars:

May 18: Taming Your Editorial Calendar and Content Creation Process

May 25: Creating Awesome Content: Ideas for Nonprofit Writers

What do you think? Does Junction C sound like the place where you need to be working?

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