We are wrapping up the 13th session of the Communications Director Mentoring Program this month and preparing to work with the 14th class (yes, we still have space available!).

One of the key lessons that participants took away from this session was understanding that nonprofit communications work entails many more possibilities and opportunities than any single person can take advantage of. You cannot do it all. You can’t even do a majority of the good ideas that you’ll have or that others will suggest to you.

Instead, you have to find that small fraction of things that you can do and then do them well.

Then you have to make peace with that and feel good about it.

As your team grows, that fraction can grow.

But you can’t and shouldn’t do more than your fraction by burning yourself out or living with the anxiety and guilt of trying.

How do you make peace with it? It helps to

Guard your to-do list

Learn how to say No

Set boundaries

Focus on the little wins.

Published On: June 19, 2018|Categories: General|