Another week over, another round of Mixed Links!

Blackbaud has a couple of things for us this week. The Blackbaud Index reports some good news for small nonprofits:  The Index found that three-month overall giving for small organizations (prior year revenue of < $1 million) increased 18.2% in November. Giving at medium organizations (prior year revenue of $1 – 10 million) decreased 10.1%, and overall giving at large organizations (prior year revenue > $10 million) decreased 0.3%. These are year-over-year stats.

Blackbaud also released a report, Top Trends in Technology, with a specific focus on fundraising. It reinforces what we are seeing from similar studies: you need to use your social network (broadly speaking, not just Facebook) to raise funds. The report also projects that mobile technology will be become more and more important for nonprofits over the coming years.

Still not sure about mobile technology? Check out Calder Strategies Mobile Campaign Primer.

Convio released its third annual ranking of Most Generous Online Cities and Alexandria, VA; Cambridge, MA; and Arlington, VA, topped the list for the second year in a row as the nation’s most generous large cities based on online giving in 2010.

To go with my current webinar series on writing for nonprofits, I have some good stuff from Katya Andresen and Big Duck’s Dan Gunderman. Dan released the 2011 edition of Words to Avoid. Be sure to add your favorite writing pet peeves in the comment section. Katya has some great examples of storytelling on her post The Four Letter Word that Matters Most in Nonprofit Marketing.

Love free stuff? Who doesn’t? Wild Apricot has a list of 31 Free Non-Profit Webinars for February 2011. Some topics include social media and how to engage donors.

I also want to thank the bloggers who shared my new report, Nonprofit Communications Trends for 2011, with their readers. I apologize if I left anyone off the list!

Katya Andresen
Wild Apricot
Fundraising Success
The Collins Group
Allison Fine
Big Duck
eJewish Philathropy

Next week I’ll have two posts on taglines and other fun stuff. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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