It’s Friday! Time for some Mixed Links…

I want to organize a session at the next Nonprofit Technology Conference called “Drowning in Too Many Channels? Content Creation Strategies to the Rescue” If you think that’s a good idea, can you go vote for it here? Hit the plus sign.

If you are a nonprofit professional with a question about information or communication technology, you can submit it for inclusion in the “Ask Deborah” podcast with Deborah Elizabeth Finn. The segments are no more than five minutes long, and are meant to be fun as well as helpful.

Katya Andresen explains how to take advantage of a feature on LinkedIn where users can post volunteer work in Good LinkedIn news – and 3 things reasons to react.

Jocelyn Harmon shows one way to prove to your supporters that you are paying attention and notice when they aren’t there.

If you’re stumped as to why you aren’t getting donors, Jocelyn also shares 7 Reasons I’m Not Going to Donate to Your Nonprofit. For more information on how the right way to ask supporters to act, register for my webinar “Making the Ask: Getting People to Give, Volunteer and More.”

Amy Sample Ward shares 4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online.

Rob Wu shares The 7 Habits of Effective Personal Fundraisers.

Beth Kanter asks Can Stories Be Data? Hmmm . . .

Pamela Barden gives three mistakes you may be making when writing your fundraising letters and appeals.

And finally in remembrance of 9/11, here are a few notes from the nonprofit world on this tenth anniversary:

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