I get a lot of questions about how I run a successful online training, coaching, and consulting business. How I produce a popular webinar series. How I write so much content, including a daily blog and two books. How I make enough money to live the life I want from a nonprofit clientele. In other words, lots of behind the scenes questions that have little to do with nonprofit marketing.

I like to blog about those things too, but don’t really want to do that here, since that’s not what most of you came here for. So I’ve created a new place for that kind of content: How Kivi Does It.com. I plan to blog there about once a week, and will also post occasional dispatches from the road.

How Kivi Does It Logo

For those of you who are consultants and have been following me for awhile, you may recall that I ran another site called Writing for Nonprofits. But that focus was ultimately too narrow to keep me interested. I’ve left that old site up, but will post all new content to  How Kivi Does It.com. As time permits this summer, I’ll revamp the old “Writing for Nonprofits” coaching program into a new program for writers and marketing consultants.  Kristina and I are also working on an e-book on running a successful webinar series.

Rest assured, Nonprofit Marketing Guide is still my top priority, but this will allow me to have fun with posts like these too:

Apps I Use at Conferences (just posted this one yesterday getting ready for #13NTC)

The Right Mix of Income is Your Safety Net

Don’t Volunteer; Reduce Your Fee Instead

I will occasionally repurpose content between the two blogs, but if you are a consultant, or just interested in all the behind-the-scenes stuff, please subscribe to How Kivi Does It.com too.


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