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Be the One They Call.
“How to Position Your Nonprofit
as an Expert Source”Webinar on Thursday,
January 22 at Noon Eastern.

Registration is just $35.

If you are interested in how you can increase your organization’s visibility and credibility — and position your staff as expert sources for the media, policymakers and others — you’ll want to check out these three new resources.

First, we’ll be talking about how to be a credible source for the news media this Friday on our first edition of Magic Keys Radio & Podcast in 2009. Join Claire Meyerhoff and me from 1:00 – 1:30 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific) on Friday for the live show, where you can call in your questions over the phone or send them in via online chat.

We’ll be joined by special guest Irina Lallemand, who is a long-time broadcast news director who launched WLRN-Miami Herald News on South Florida’s NPR station and headed the news department at XM Satellite Radio. Her twenty-five years in journalism includes 17 years as Assistant News Director at WCBS 880 News in New York, managing one of the busiest newsrooms in the nation. If anyone is an expert on expert sources, it’s Irina.  Join us for Magic Keys Radio live and ask Irina your questions about how to become the media source that always get the calls when a reporter is covering your issue.

Magic Keys is part of my free “Friday Office Hours” program, so feel free to call in with any nonprofit marketing questions you have, whether they relate to our discussion topic or not. Claire, Irina, and I will do our best to answer them! The podcast is available for download immediately after the live show. Here’s the link to this week’s show where you can listen online, find the call-in number and chat window, and subscribe to the podcast.


Second, I’ve posted a new article on Nonprofit Marketing called “Five Qualities That Will Make You a Good Expert Source.” It explains how good sources have a well-understood niche and solid track record and are trustworthy, accessible, and cooperative, with examples of what those words mean in this context.

Have questions about how to raise your nonprofit’s crediblity as a source?

Do reporters call you all the time? If so, share your tips.

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