11170314_10152855596347016_1262084619983113551_nEvery single nonprofit org—across size, budget, location and cause—shares a priceless opportunity to position its organizations, programs, fundraising campaigns and special events. And yes, that means your organization.

Start to rock relevant messages and you’ll join a growing cadre of healthy organizations whose messages help to build awareness of their impact and value. That’ll place your organization firmly in audiences’ hearts, minds, schedules, and wallets.

One important ingredient is your tagline — those vital eight words or less that complement your organization’s name to convey its unique impact or value with personality, passion, and commitment.

The most unforgettable taglines also make an emotional connection.

Take a look at this one, from the South Carolina Children’s Theatre (SCCT):

Totally professional. Delightfully immature.

Why do you think this tagline works so well? Here’s what I think draws us in, and makes it likely we’ll remember and repeat this message.  It:

  • Surprises us by bringing together two characteristics we wouldn’t expect to find in one organization: Professionalism and immaturity. This juxtaposition makes us stop and think, in a fun way…like a puzzle. Pow! We’re in.
  • Shows us: The characteristics highlighted here show us the Theatre’s approach, rather than just describing it, or leaving us to summon up whatever we think about children’s theatre. Each of these qualities is in itself unique and valuable. Most children’s groups aren’t professional, and most wouldn’t dare to call themselves immature. By claiming immaturity as a quality, the Theatre surfaces the delight and innocent of childhood. Love it!

Most effective though is the way this delightful tagline adds depth and breadth to the organization’s name. It shows me the Theatre’s unique “personality,” and it’ll be tough for me to forget it.

SCCT nails it with “Totally professional. Delightfully immature.”

You can do it too!

H/T to Marc Pitman for sharing this photo.

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