NTEN: Change is a free digital quarterly journal published by the Nonprofit Technology Network to help nonprofit leaders tackle strategic and planning decisions around their use of technology.  I sit on the journal’s editorial board.

Each issue includes case studies, in-depth articles, practical tips for applying tools and strategies, leader profiles, and community feedback.  Contributors to the journal include experts in the nonprofit and technology sectors and members of the NTEN community (which should include you!).

And this recent edition is the best one yet, full of articles that every nonprofit marketer (and every nonprofit marketer’s boss) should read.

In addition to this infographic on how nonprofits are using various communications channels, here’s a sample of what else you can find inside:

The Unexpected Benefits of Content Creation. Beth Kanter explains how you can build staff expertise and reduce information overload.

Leadership Cheat Sheet: How to Use Creative Commons. Finding free stuff on the internet is great, but figuring out what you can and can’t use is confusing. This article helps clear up those issues.

Pinterest for Program Planning. Case study by the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, CA.

Q&A with Content Creation Pros. Pune Dracker of ASPCApro (one of my all-time favorite clients) shares how they gather and organize content.

Social Media Benchmarks for Smaller Orgs. Tips for executive directors from Holly Ross, NTEN’s executive director.

As you can see, each edition is chock full of great advice, practical tips and up to date how to’s. This journal is free and if you don’t sign up for it, you are missing out!


Published On: June 11, 2012|Categories: Creating Relevant and Engaging Messaging|