We’re halfway through our look into the 6 Rs of Relevant Messaging.  Today, we look at how to be responsive.

But first, a quick review in case you need to catch up:

  1. Rewarding. The benefits of following through on the call to action in the message are clear.
  2. Realistic. Following through on the message is doable, because any obvious barriers are addressed.
  3. Real Time. The message feels timely and works within the context of current events and other influences.
  4. Responsive. The message proves that you are listening, and taking people’s concerns and ideas into account.
  5. Revealing. New information or perspectives are shared, or you are telling a dramatic, engaging story that unfolds over time (in other words, you get us hooked).
  6. Refreshing. The message is delivered with personality — with an interesting, authentic style.

I have three teenagers – two in college and one in high school. The four of us have a group text. They are not always super responsive though.

Whether it’s them not answering a question I have, not giving input about upcoming plans, or ignoring a funny meme I have sent, it’s pretty annoying. Especially the meme thing. Just because I am in my 40s doesn’t mean I can’t find funny memes. Right? Right? Sigh.

But of course if they have a question and I do not answer in 3 minutes, I start getting:


“So can I?”


“Oh mooooooother?”

“Ma mère?”


Be sure you aren’t this way with your supporters – ignoring their comments one minute and then pleading for their help the next.

As the picture says: “No response is a response.” And – especially these days – your silence can speak volumes.

Engage with your community on everything from serious issues important to them to silly or funny comments.

Here are some ways you can be more responsive.

Ideas to Make Your Messaging RESPONSIVE:

Monitor in real time. Set up alerts that tell you via email or a mobile application when people are talking about your cause, writing on your Facebook Page etc. You don’t have to read it all immediately as it comes in, but use those few minutes of free time before or after meetings, for example, to check in.

Read every comment and reply. Even if you don’t respond to every comment on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram or every reply on Twitter, read them all and respond to many of them. Liking a comment on Facebook or Instagram is an easy and fast way to be responsive without having to compose a full response.

Reply as a person who cares. When people share personal experiences with you, especially in social media, reply in a personal, friendly voice. People want to know that other passionate people within your organization are listening.

Use FAQs, advice columns, Q & As, and other formats built on their questions. Use formats like these where the content is based directly on responding to questions, etc.

Get it out the door now! Don’t wait for the perfect wording or the perfect design. Go with good enough so that you can respond quickly.

Next Up: Be Revealing

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