Last week I mentioned that one of the chapters in my new book and a new webinar I’m teaching on messaging are devoted to the Six R’s of Relevant Messaging for nonprofits.

I shared some tips on being more “Real Time” and today let’s look at being more “Rewarding.”

How can you reward people with your messaging? Easy.

Use the second person (You, Your) in writing as much as possible. By speaking more directly to your reader, you are more likely to focus on what’s most important – or rewarding — to them.

Make their role clear. Why is it so important that your donors give or that your volunteers spend time with you? What difference do they make? Clearly convey just how important they are to your success and that you can’t accomplish your mission without them.

Make your readers feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.  Many supporters of nonprofits want to change the world, but realize they can’t do it alone. When you welcome them into your community, team, network, family or whatever you call it, that inclusiveness is a reward on its own.

Help people express themselves.  The charities we support are a reflection of our values. You can help people express themselves and who they are, for example, by providing share graphics on Facebook that let people tell their friends and family what they believe.

How else can you use your messaging to reward those who pay attention to it?