Help wanted signThe final draft of my new book on nonprofit content marketing is due to my publisher on February 28. That’s 22 short days from now, and I need to round out the book with several more examples, stories, case studies, and/or anecdotes from nonprofits just like yours!

Can you help with these situations and topics?

I don’t need much — In most cases one to two paragraphs is all I need. Please use this Google form if you have something to share, or if you aren’t sure and have a question, feel free to email me at

If the topic is particularly sensitive, I will ask that you complete a permission form for the publisher, but we can keep actual names out of the book. Consultants, I am happy to hear from you about your clients (must be real stories, not generic advice). If we use the client’s name, I will need their permission too.

In no particular order of importance . . .

1.  How you have changed the way you create content for the media? How has your press release evolved, what has it evolved into?

2. What kind of content do you create specifically for elected officials? How does that compare to content on the same topic for others, like donors or the news media? Would like to how show content on a particular topic is repurposed for different kinds of influencers.

3. Seeking nonprofits who have hired a “brand journalist” or used that specific terminology in a job description to describe what it means to them and how that is influencing the kinds of communications they produce.

4. Example of how segmenting your email list produced significant results of some kind for you. Could be fundraising results or something else. How you decided to segment, and how your adjusted your approach over time.

5. Examples of what you consider to be your “evergreen” content (topics that you always know you will write about) versus your more “perennial” or “annual color” content (the topics you might focus on this year, or this month, but then may end up dropping). In other words, how you manage the mix of the “usual” topics versus newer “hot” topics.

6. Examples (probably on a website or email series) of content for “newcomers” to your organization versus content you create for the people who have been longtime supporters. How do you organize it and get people to the right content?

7. How you quickly ended what could have been a social media crisis, because you had a plan in place and knew what to do to minimize or deflect damage.

8. How you were able to bring an important piece of data to life. Instead of just throwing that statistic or trend data out there, what did you do to convey how compelling that number really is? Looking for more than just your average infographic (full campaign around an infographic could work).

9. Example of how you believe your organization has benefited by highlighting the work of other organizations — or curating content from them — in ways that are positive for both of you (ie neither party feels taken advantage of or like they are taking advantage).

10. Content that you have been able to repurpose and update year to year that gets you lots of new media exposure or website traffic each year — something where you might have to only update or change 20-30% of the content annually and the rest you can use again, generating new excitement around it.

Here is the form to share your examples and stories.

Thanks for your help!

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