Just a couple of years ago a study came out that showed more than half of Americans did not use all of their vacation days – that added up to 768 million days lost. Last year was even worse since we couldn’t really go anywhere.

But could things be changing?

According to a survey by travel site Expedia, Americans plan to take an extra five days of vacation in 2021.

We are very excited about this news! We implored you to start thinking about your vacation back in January. And just last week, I  talked about toxic productivity. Not taking time off is a sign you have crossed into toxic productivity territory.

Yes, I am aware we are still in the middle of a pandemic, but you can still take time off.

Business Insider shared 6 safer, expert-backed vacation ideas. And Afar has 40 Ways to Take a Socially Distanced Trip. (If you are fully vaccinated, here are the CDC guidelines for traveling)

You have heard all the benefits of taking a vacation before, but here are a few reminders from Mental Floss:

1. Vacations Can Cut Your Risk for Heart Attack

2. Vacations Boost Your Energy Reserves

3. Vacations Can Help Get You a Raise

4. Vacation Adventures Give You a Natural High

5. Vacations Make You Happier With Your Entire Life

6. Vacations Can Help the Economy

7. Vacations Help Keep Your Mind Calm

8. Vacation Happiness Is Contagious

9. Vacation May Help You Live a Longer, Healthier Life

10. Vacations Force You to Improve Your Workflow

11. Vacations Can Make You a Better Boss

Now stop what you’re doing and start planning that next trip or staycation!