Flickr: jwordsmithDo you ever feel like this? Like you’re totally overloaded, don’t know what to do next and can’t imagine how you’ll get it all done.

I feel that way sometimes, and I bet you do too. It can happen even if you’re working from a marketing plan. Ugh!

The reality is that having far too much to do is just how it is for most nonprofit communicators and fundraisers. But, you don’t have to stay that way.

Instead, change the way you decide what’s next. C’mon, I dare you!

Trash your crushing to-do list and replace it with a one-page marketing plan that guides you to make the right decision—what are the one to three things I have to finish today—every time, even as things change in your organization, issue area and the world in which you work.

I’ll take you there!

Just join me for this practical, 60-minute webinar on February 25, and I’ll walk you through crafting your own one-page marketing plan.

You’ll learn how to build a plan that doubles as a reliable decision-making tool—one that’ll guide you to focus on the right marketing activities, the ones that’ll get you to your goals, and leave the other “stuff” (the things that take so much time and energy but don’t really get you anywhere) behind.

Can’t wait to show you how. Seats are limited so please, register today.

Published On: February 12, 2015|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|