I’m working on finishing my next book, which will be called “CALM not BUSY: Managing Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results.” It will be out in late May.

I’d love to include YOU in the book!

I need stories and anecdotes for specific sections in the book. If you can help with any of these topics, please complete this form by March 31.

Internal Communications

How do you share information internally? How do program or fundraising staff know what’s coming up from communications, and how does communications know what’s coming up from programs/fundraising?

What kind of internal communications is handled by instant message/chat versus email? Versus phone calls? Versus in-person meetings? What works best when?

What are some of the ways you “get out there” and connect with staff doing the program work, or important stakeholders outside the organization?

Content Creation

How have you streamlined or sped up the process of creating content and getting it reviewed and approved?

What examples or templates or other guidance do you give to people who are creating content for you (eg helping program staff write better newsletter articles or take better pictures in the field).


What is it about your organizational culture that supports your communications work? What have you done to improve this culture over time?

Do you have any other stories or anecdotes to share about being CALM: Collaborative, Agile, Logical or Methodical?

Share Your Stories, Anecdotes, or Quotes Here by March 31.


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