Ready for Day 2 of our Week of Freebies? Today we give you:

20 Ways to Raise Awareness on a Budget 

Edited March 1, 2021: We have an even better FREE resource for you on raising awareness. A whole video course: How to Raise Awareness

You want to raise and spread awareness for your cause, but how?

Raising awareness is important for just about every nonprofit, but in practice “raising awareness” can mean hundreds of different things.

Getting specific about what you and others mean by “raising awareness” for your cause is your first step.

For some people, raising awareness is about public visibility. They are thinking about advertising, signage, and public relations or media strategies.

For others, raising awareness is about being seen in the right place by the right people. They might be thinking of having a booth at a certain festival or giving a presentation in front of a particular business group, for example.

Don’t guess at what others in your nonprofit are thinking of when say “raise awareness” — ask them! Find out what they are seeing in their mind’s eye.

You need to understand what others envision in order to put together a realistic plan.

You also don’t want them to measure your success or failure assuming you are implementing an awareness program that’s completely different than what you had in mind.

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