Much of successful nonprofit communications today involves taking chances, trying something new, and tweaking and updating approaches that aren’t working quite so well anymore.

I’ve found that as I coach nonprofit communicators, we talk almost as much about human nature and managing up the chain of command as we do about specific communication strategies and tactics.

Questions like these have come up lately:

  • What should I do when my boss asks for creative ideas, but then shoots down what I come up with because my ideas are “untested”?
  • How do I convince my board that they, in fact, do not represent our target audience and so it doesn’t matter that they don’t personally like our event marketing?
  • What do I do when my boss (a former English teacher) says she would never write a fundraising letter that way — basically saying she won’t sign it as is — when I am following the advice of direct mail fundraising specialists?

Do you find yourself in situations like these, with a Chief Obstruction Officer in the way? Tell us what some of these situations are, and over the next several weeks, I’ll find some guest bloggers to help us address them!



Published On: March 18, 2013|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|