What belongs in the trends report?


Every year in January, we release the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

But, naturally, there are quite a few steps that come before that, including developing the list of questions, which we are starting on now.

Some questions are perennial, like:

  • Which communications channels are most important?
  • How often will you communicate via print and email?
  • Which social media channel will you experiment with next?

That gives us great year-to-year trends data.

But we also add a few new questions in each edition too.

So, what question would you like to see answered in the 2016 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report?

If you could ask thousands of nonprofit communicators a question, what would it be?

Please share your ideas in the comments on this post.

While we do include some open-ended questions, the multiple choice ones are best because we can really analyze the data that way. So if you have thoughts on your list of possible answers to your question please share those in the comments too.

We’ll open the survey for the trends report on Monday, November 2, 2015.



Published On: September 21, 2015|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|