285431899_5c6b81ced1Happy Halloween!

Whether you’re being chased by a maniac in a mask with a chainsaw or arriving to your final exam two hours late and naked, nightmares are the worst! We asked the Nonprofit Marketing Guide community on Facebook what happens in their work-related nightmares and here are the frightening results…

Jen McConnell Doron: Two nights ago, I dreamed that a webinar I was running for 500 people was going horribly wrong AND at the same time I was directing a movie behind the building and the scene we were filming called for me to parachute in through the trees and land on the beach (and I hate heights).

Noelle Gulden: I don’t know if this counts as a nightmare, but I regularly dream that I’m working. I get lots and lots done in my dream, and I wake up feeling exhausted but completely on top of things . . . only to then realize it was all for nothing!

Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect at UC Irvine: Event concluding early due to fire in venue… Sneezing mucus all over our submission for an entire journal that we guest-edited… Exhibit boxes gone missing… Falling off a stage after accepting an award. Only one of these was a dream… sure wish the others had been too!

Erika Olson: Venue on fire and guests running, screaming, waving hands. After 20+ years, I know it’s crunch time when I have the nightmare.

Haila Yates: I dreamt that our event program arrived from the printer with multiple blank pages throughout.

Maureen Carruthers: My work nightmares are always about having to present or perform months early with no prep.

Rikki Starich: I ALWAYS dream about work. At my last job, we were striving for 53% alumni giving participation (a stretch, but attainable goal for us) and I dreamed little 53%s with legs were chasing me through the campus buildings. At my current job, our employee campaign was pirate themed – there were no end to the nightmares with that. All super silly but I wake up in cold sweats nonetheless!

Nightmares aren’t just for Halloween. If you have had a work nightmare, share it with us on Facebook or in the comment section below!

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