CALM communications directors are Collaborative, Agile, Logical and Methodical.

Ready to find your top CALM strength? Take the new quiz!

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Don’t see the quiz? Take it here.

Why should you know your top CALM strength? I’m a “build on your success” kind of person. So if you know where you are strong, I suggest you take advantage of that strength first as you work on being more CALM. We’ll give you suggestions for next steps after you take the quiz.

Of course, you can always work on your weaknesses too. You can find your full CALM Score by completing the worksheet in the book. 

P.S. For you inquiring minds, we used Interact to build this quiz. They gave us a free trial and we’ve found it to be pretty easy and fun to use.  They also have a good blog with lots of list building tips.

Interact offers 25% off for nonprofits. Call their support team to get the discount. You can see how other nonprofits have used the service by going to their customer page and clicking on nonprofits in the menu.

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