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“Do you have any referrals to non-profit/charity writers who can write brochures? I don’t want a full service firm, I want a consultant who has written copy for charities: direct mail, annual reports, brochures, promotional/fundraising pieces, etc.”

As a full-time freelance writer, I’ve found that most of my nonprofit clients find me either through word-of-mouth from people who know me (including other clients) or via online searches that lead to this blog or my other sites.

If your nonprofit is looking for a freelance writer, my advice is to take these three steps:

1) Ask around. Talk to other nonprofits in your geographic area or field of expertise about who they use. Personal recommendations are always extremely helpful when you are dealing with subjective work like writing, design, etc.

2) Search online. Type in some keywords related to the type of work you need done (e.g., brochures, annual reports), your subject area (e.g., mental health, environment, nonprofit) and the service needed (e.g., freelance writer, graphic designer), and see what comes up.

3) Consult directories. If your state has a nonprofit association (most do), ask them if they have any recommendations or service provider directories. Writing organizations also publish directories of their members.

Where do you find freelance writers when you need them? Please leave a comment on this post with your reply.

P.S. I’ve cut back on the number of hours I’m working with some existing clients to make room for some new faces on my client list. If you need help with your nonprofit communications work, please let me know. I’ll be happy to discuss your projects and provide free estimates. You can reach me at kivi *AT* or 336-499-5816 (ET).

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