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Back at the end of May, we shared a new quiz that helps you determine how in touch your management team is with the realities of modern nonprofit communications and marketingHere it is if you want to take it.

More than 50 people have taken it since then, so I thought I would share a few findings with you.

For starters, we are seeing a pretty typical bell curve in the scoring.

chart with reality quiz results to date


Out of the 10 questions, here’s the one where nonprofit execs are faring the worst:

Personal and organizational brands often blend. Therefore, nonprofits should openly discuss and acknowledge the connections between the personalities of individuals in leadership and staff roles and the impact (good, bad, or otherwise) on the organizational brand.

This isn’t particularly surprising. It’s a hard conversation, especially if you haven’t even talked in a meaningful way about the organization’s brand, let alone how staff and leadership personalities intersect with that organizational brand.

Where are nonprofit managers doing the best with understanding nonprofit comms realities? It’s a broader agreement with this statement:

Marketing effectiveness depends on a confident, skilled professional. Therefore, nonprofits must invest in professional development for communications staff.

Naturally, as a professional development company, this warms our hearts and we are glad to see that this is the least of your struggles. It’s a good place to start!

In fact, we invite you to attend our next free webinar, which includes information on creating your own professional development plan on July 15: Level Up Your Nonprofit Marketing: A Five-Step Guide to Increasing Your Effectiveness. 


Published On: June 22, 2021|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|