Are you looking for a new nonprofit marketing job? Or are you hiring for new positions on your nonprofit communications team? 

Here’s a list of places to consider looking and/or posting. Please be sure to carefully read each site’s requirements before posting. You may need to have an account or join the Facebook Group to post and there may be a fee involved.

We strongly support including transparent information about salary and benefits in all cases — and it’s required by many of these sites. In other words, do not say “salary commensurate with experience” but instead include a minimum starting salary or a range.

Specifically for Nonprofit Communications and Marketing Jobs

Progressive Exchange (for liberal/progressive causes only)

The Communications Network

Nonprofit Communications Professionals Facebook Group

Radical Communicators Facebook Group

For Nonprofit or Social Impact Jobs More Broadly

The following sites include more than just nonprofit communications jobs, but those kinds of jobs are frequently found on these sites.

YNPN Jobs Board

NTEN Jobs Board


Association Career HQ

Nonprofit Happy Hour Facebook Group. You must follow the format outlined in one of the featured posts.  Search #jobposting for models.

National Council of Nonprofits Job Board


Work for Good (formerly Opportunity Knocks for those of you who’ve been around awhile!)

Relief Web for international work

State Nonprofit Associations usually have job boards. Find your state association here.

Same goes for many metropolitan areas or regions, such as Progressive Communicators of Washington DC  and Philanthropy Northwest.  Work your networks to find the local/regional listings most relevant to you.

Nonprofit Learning Lab has a list of different national nonprofit job boards

There are also specialized job boards based on identity, such as Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy and Jewish Jobs. Again, ask around in your specific networks for specialized sites like these.

Impact Opportunity

Nonprofit Talent Job Board

Nonprofit Staffing

Nonprofit Job Hunters Facebook Group

Remote Nonprofit Facebook Group

Progressive Job Resources (this is a long curated list of potential job sites to check out)

Other General Job Sites Where Nonprofits Have Reported Success to Us

While these sites cover a wide variety of jobs, we have confirmed that searches for nonprofit communications, nonprofit marketing, and communications director did produce relevant nonprofit communications jobs.


LinkedIn Jobs

Other suggestions:

If you are looking for people who speak a certain language, advertise in media written and produced in that language.

Many niche fields within the nonprofit sector have their own mission-oriented listserves, Facebook Groups, associations, etc. If you are looking for a position with a certain mission (e.g. healthcare, animals, social services), talk to someone in those sectors about the specialized job or discussion boards they recommend.

Happy job hunting or hiring!

Did we miss a site you know is great for nonprofit and communications jobs specifically? Comment and we’ll add it!

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