When we were putting together the questions for the survey for the 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, one of top suggested questions was, “What one type of content do you think is most effective for your organization, regardless of the amount of time you spend producing it?”

We provided a list to pick from and the top choices were presentations in person, email newsletter articles, and print fundraising appeals. In other words, none of these channels is “dead” as some pundits might have you believe. And even the highest vote getter received only 14%. Nonprofits think lots of different communications tactics are effective.

I was curious about who picked what, and found that when I sliced the data by the kind of work the survey participant did, we found the communications staff (director or coordinator levels) picked email, while development staff (again, director or coordinator level) picked print. Executive directors picked in-person.

What I think this tells us is that you have to use the right tool for the right job, and there is no one size fits all in communications.

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Most Effective Types of Communications