When Emily at the Nonprofit Blog Exchange assigned the Camp ASCCA blog to me as part of this summer’s Nonprofit Blog Exchange Virtual Event, I was excited because I had already included it as a good example of how nonprofits can use blogs in my Blogging for Nonprofits course. This assignment from Emily gave me a good reason to revisit the blog and see what’s new.

Here are few things that I love about this blog, which is about the Alabama Special Camp for Children and Adults with disabilities:

–Tons of personal stories about campers, counselors and others who participate in the programs.

–Tons of video inserted into the blog posts.

–Very well integrated with other social networking sites, including Facebook and Flickr.

–The blog’s main page functions like a website home page in that it has lots of permanent links to the pages and information people want, like applications to attend the camp. It’s a good example of how to use a blog to effectively replace your typical nonprofit website, rather than just throwing the blog on to an existing static html site as an afterthought.

–It looks like the blog has undergone a nice redesign since I last visited and it looks much more streamlined.

The only thing that I think might be missing is a bit more personal information about the staff who are posting. I assume they want the blog to be about the campers and counselors, not about the full-time staff, but I’d welcome a little something more about the staff who post regularly.

Kudos to Camp ASCCA!

Published On: August 24, 2007|Categories: Websites and Blogs|