Every Wednesday for the rest of the year (or close), we’ll share another worksheet to help you implement the lessons in my new book, Content Marketing for Nonprofits (Amazon). 

This week’s free worksheet is really the first step in getting everyone in your organization on the same page, and getting clear yourself about some of the major factors that affect your editorial calendar. It’s the Big Picture Communications Timeline, described in great detail in Chapter 7 of the book.

Pune Works on Big Picture Communications Timeline

This is an exercise I use with clients all the time. Here’s Pune Dracker from ASPCApro working on their Big Picture Communications Timeline earlier this year . . .

The timeline maps out all of the events and milestones (both within and beyond your control) that will drive your communications in the coming year, along with your primary calls to action and the major story lines you want to share.

It comes in two versions: a static PDF so you can see how it works and  a PowerPoint version so you can move around boxes and start filling them in if you want. I really recommend that you do this on a huge whiteboard or pieces of butcher paper before you try to digitize it, however.

This is part of a new set of worksheets we are creating as we write a companion workbook for Content Marketing for Nonprofits. Rather than wait until the workbook is complete, we are sharing them as we create them, free of charge.

Get more details on the Big Picture Communications Timeline worksheet.



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