It’s Worksheet Wednesday!

Core Topics ListToday, let’s talk about your Core Topics List, which is next in the set of worksheets we are creating to help you implement the lessons in my new book, Content Marketing for Nonprofits (Amazon).

Where’s the substance in your communications? What topics do you write most about, and what topics do you want to “own”  in your supporters’ eyes?  These are what I call your Core Topics.

Core topics are a combination of the what you want to talk about and what your supporters want to read about — which are not always the same things. I elaborate on this difference in “Your Broccoli, Their Cheese.”

But once you have a good list of topics, then what? That’s where I encourage you to think about different types of content you can produce on those topics, using a gardening metaphor:  should the content be evergreen, perennial, or annual color?

Use this worksheet with Chapter 8 of Content Marketing for Nonprofits

Get more details on the Core Topics List and all the worksheets we are creating.

Published On: October 2, 2013|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|