We asked a new question in our annual Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey this year about your most and least favorite projects.

(We are closing the survey Wednesday night — take it here to get the full results before everyone else in January.)

We’ll analyze this more in the coming weeks, but here’s what the word clouds look like . . .

Most Favorite Project of the Year

Least Favorite Project of the Year

What do you see in these results?

I thought it was funny that “Annual Report” was the biggest on both! Without reading all the comments, I am going to take a guess that the people who said it was their favorite project are following our advice to make their annual report MUCH, MUCH SHORTER. The “least favorites” are probably still doing it the old-fashioned way.

If you want to move from the “hated it” to the “loved it” group, join us next week for our Annual Reports Webinar Series and we’ll show you all the tricks to making the transformation.

Published On: December 3, 2019|Categories: Fundraising, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|