Want others to take action? Ask!Last week we talked about fundraising asks or offers to include in your appeals, and we got some great suggestions.

Let’s try it again, this time with “engagement” asks. These can be used in their own campaigns to get your community more involved, or in tandem with a fundraising ask. Just like last week, here is my starter list. I’d love for you to share your additions in the comments!

Sign a Pledge

Ask people to commit to do something (or not do it).

Share from Your Life

Ask people to share a story or photo, or to give advice or lessons learned from their own experiences.

Send Something

Ask people to send a letter, card, care package, or encouraging word to someone else.

Watch and Share

Ask people to watch a video or check out photo album, then share it with others in social media.

Physical Challenge

Ask people to do something physical. Shave their heads, run a mile in heels, dump an ice bucket on their heads. You get the idea.

Get Your Score

Ask people to take a quiz, or use a calculator, to see how they rank against your answers or compared to what other people say.

Ask a Question

Ask people to contribute to a conversation by submitting a question.

Download a Guide

Ask people to learn more about something or learn how to do something by downloading your guide about it.

RSVP for, or Participate in, a Free Event

Ask people to come to an event and participate in it, in-person or online.

Express Appreciation or Gratitude

Ask people to help acknowledge a special group of people by saying thanks in some way.


We also covered many of these ideas in our recent blog carnival on raising awareness, so you’ll find more great reading there.

What would you add to this list? Share in the comments!