I’m devoting a chapter in the upcoming “Nonprofit Marketing Guide” book  (available Spring 2010) to time.  One of my 10 realities of nonprofit marketing is that it takes more time than money to do it well. This particular chapter is only about half-written, so please help me finish it!

What are some of your favorite ways to save time, manage your time, or otherwise work more efficiently on nonprofit marketing?

I don’t want this chapter to be full of generic time management advice. I want it to be specific to the workload of nonprofit communicators.

Here are a few of the topics I know will be in the chapter:

Content creation strategies that help you repurpose what you create.

– Using tools that help manage social media (e.g. syncing status updates, scheduling blog posts and tweets in advance).

– Keeping up with “best practices” (BTW, I’m sick of that phrase – got a better one?) and “big brains” (smart people you can learn a lot from), so you spend your time on what others have already proven is most likely to work.

– Some easy ways to measure return on investment (defined loosely – not just financial return) so you see what works best for you, helping you know what to do more and less of in the future.

– Prioritizing the typical list of communications tasks most nonprofits are trying to implement (e.g., I’d put getting your thank-you letters out above getting your newsletter out).

What’s your experience on these topics and others related to time? I have plenty of room for good anecdotes in this chapter, so please add your perspective on these, or entirely different time-saving tips, by leaving a comment on the blog (if you are  reading in your email box or rss reader, click on the headline to go to the blog.)

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