I’ve compiled a list of the ten mistakes that I most often see in nonprofit annual reports. The top mistake? Focusing on activities instead of accomplishments. I’ve written about this one before. You can request a copy of the full list at www.NonprofitAnnualReports.net

Don’t feel bad if you’ve made some or all of these mistakes. There is very little guidance out there for nonprofits on how to write a good annual report. I’ve tried to fill that gap with www.NonprofitAnnualReports.net and especially with my e-course, which is now self-paced. You can start any day you’d like (including today) and the $149 fee includes a half-hour of consulting time with me. It’s structured as a four-week course, but you get six weeks to complete it. It’s full of practical advice, clear examples, useful exercises, and great resources. Learn more about the course here. It’s been favorably reviewed by every person who has enrolled in the course to date and by Joanne Fritz over at About.com. If an e-course is more than you need, you’ll also find free advice and some reasonably priced tip sheets at the site.

Published On: January 4, 2007|Categories: Fundraising|