Talking about the NEWSLast week we announced that we  were rolling out a new way to organize the tips and advice we give you on our website.

While we have organized advice by topic (under the “What are you working on?” section of the homepage), we will now further break down that advice based on experience level, making it easier to find the right advice for you.

We will update the topics over the next few months (and add some new ones so stay tuned). We started with our social media tips page,and now want to let you know the email newsletter tips page is up.

As with social media,  you can select from 3 tabs:

  • Start Here
  • Then Try
  • Next Steps

In addition to tips and advice organized by experience, each page will also feature a free download of some type.

The email newsletter page allows you to sign up for our popular 15 Days  to More Engaging, Inspiring E-Newsletters email course.

Over 2,300 nonprofits have participated in this course that provides an email a day for 15 days. Each email contains a doable challenge, along with some tips and resources to help you make your e-newsletter more inspiring, engaging, and effective.

You will receive your first email as soon as you sign up, so get started now!


Published On: June 17, 2014|Categories: Email Marketing|