We are still going through the data for our 2023 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report coming out later this month, but here is what I have found out from my other sources (aka the Internet) about what’s going to happen in the marketing world in 2023.

General Marketing Trends

80+ Content Marketing Trends for Success in 2023

The Future of Search in 2023: Google Goes Multi-Modal

What’s In Store for Digital Marketers in 2023?

2022 Learnings to Inform Your 2023 Content Marketing Plan

AI Creation Tools Will Change the Way We Create, Engage and Interact in 2023

5 Marketing Trends That Might Not Survive in 2023 [HubSpot Research]

The Top Marketing Trends of 2023 & How They’ve Changed [Data from 1000+ Global Marketers]

Social Media Trends

The Future of Social Marketing

Social Media Algorithms: A 2023 Guide for Every Network

13 Social Media Trends in 2023 You Can Follow to Take Your Social Media Strategy to New Heights

What Can We Expect For Social Media In 2023 – Big Changes Say The Pundits

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TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023: Predictions From the Pros

Email Trends

(Email design trends are in the Design section below)

5 Biggest 2023 Email Marketing Trends to Start Right Now

Hot or not? Email marketing trends in 2023

Email Marketing Trends To Boost Engagement in 2023

Email marketing trends for 2023

Video Trends

Top Video Marketing Trends to Jump On in 2023 [from 37 Industry Experts]

Top 10 Social Media Video Marketing Trends for 2023

8 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know for 2023

Design Trends

The Infographic Design Report: Trends to Try in 2023

8 Graphic Design Trends Set to Define 2023

The 10 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends for 2023

15 of the Biggest Graphic Design Trends for 2023

11 engaging web design trends for 2023

Top 8 Web Design Trends 2023

Email Design Trends for 2023

7 top email design trends for 2023

Nonprofit Trends

New Report Reveals Nonprofit Priorities for 2023

2023 Nonprofit Trends You Need to Know

Here’s to 2023!

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