THIS is unforgettable visual storytelling. The kind we see once and don’t forget. The kind that we share with friends and family. The kind that feels good. The kind we act on.

Visual Storytelling SuccessKudos to  Robert Egger, founder of DC Central Kitchen for delighting us with purpose.

Use Robert’s trio of must-have ingredients, and your visual storytelling will deliver the same kind of memorable feast that Robert’s does:

  1. Include us. Make us feel part of the group, and effort. Ask photo subjects to look directly at the lens. That invites a relationship. Just look into the eyes of the team pictured above.
  2. Connect with what’s already top of mind—#RelevanceRules. Robert posted this irresistible photo in the midst of one of the horrific blizzards we had this winter. Us Northeasterners were up to here with the snow at that point. We couldn’t help but have it on our mind, and that shared experience was the superglue here.
  3. Surprise us. At a moment when so much of daily life was stopped, the fact that the Kitchen was keeping on keeping on is a bit of a surprise. Our surprise stops us for a moment, increasing the chance we’ll think, “Wow, the Kitchen is always there for those who need food.”

Include, connect and surprise—the 1-2-3 path to visual storytelling (and written messages, as well) impact. Go to it!


Published On: March 12, 2015|Categories: Storytelling, Writing Skills and Content|