On today’s Facebook Live show, I talked about the four responsibilities that executive directors and other nonprofit leaders have if they want their communications staff to be successful.

I call them the “4 Ds” of Effectively Managing Communications Teams:

  • Dedicate yourself and real resources to communications.
  • Define the work.
  • Delegate the work, including decisions.
  • Discuss the work often.

Feel free to add comments on the recording and I’ll try to answer your questions in the comments.

(My cat makes an appearance at the 15-minute mark if you’ve heard her on webinars before and wondered what she looks like.)

Can’t see the video player? Here’s the link. 

Interested in communications leadership? This Thursday, I’m teaching a brand-new webinar called What Communications Leadership Looks Like. I’ll go well beyond the 4Ds in the webinar to explore all the ways that communications staff can lead their nonprofits from the middle of the org chart, with or without the direct engagement of the nonprofit’s leadership.