Let’s Shift That Culture and Make Some Real Progress!

There is more to effective nonprofit communications than following best practices.

To get the best results, there needs to be a fundamental shift in how you lead your communications staff and the team culture you foster.

TOMORROW, Kivi will share what she’s learned from more than a decade of researching and coaching nonprofit communications directors and teams about the kind of leadership and team culture that produces marketing and fundraising results. Join us for:

What Communications Leadership Looks Like

60-Minute Webinar with Kivi Leroux Miller

May 17th, 2018

1:00 P.M. Eastern (10 A.M. Pacific)

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What We’ll Talk About

During this BRAND NEW webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The connection between leadership, team culture, and communications effectiveness at nonprofits.
  • Essential elements of communications leadership, including transparency, simplicity, and boundaries.
  • The contrast between good leadership and culture that empowers teams and creates break-out success and leadership and culture failures that stifle growth and squash opportunities.
  • How to maintain leadership and a positive culture by watching for problems that can lead you back to BUSY.
  • What those who supervise communications staff can do to provide a supportive culture.
  • What communications staff themselves can do to lead from the middle and bring out a more supportive culture, with or without management support.

Learn how to steer your nonprofit to greater marketing and fundraising results by providing better leadership and team culture.

P.S. If you want to avoid burnout and learn the best ways to face challenges at your job, join us next week too as we begin a two-part series called Transform Your Boundaries and Get Better Results