Do Your Bosses and Co-Workers Respect Your Boundaries?

Ahead of next week’s two-part series focusing on how to stop being overwhelmed and preventing burnout at work, we have been gathering data on how boundaries are respected at your organization. (FYI, we have lowered the price of this two-part series to only $99. Learn more.)

In our continued effort to help you not only learn your job, but love your job, we ask questions like how often:

  • You wish you had been consulted before decisions affecting your department are made.
  • Conflicts with other departments are handled professionally and promptly so they don’t become heated.
  • Meetings you attend are a waste of time.
  • Unexpected work comes your way, but you have the autonomy to prioritize and make decisions about workload and turnaround time.

Here’s a sample of what we have found so far.

When asked, “How often I wish I had been consulted before decisions affecting my department are made,” 45.67% said, “Often” while another 40.16% said, “Sometimes.”

When asked, “How often our org is often distracted by putting out fires of whatever is most urgent with no real time for planning and strategic follow through,” 59.06% said, “Often” with 27.56% saying, “Sometimes.”

But it’s not all bad news.

When asked, “How often conflicts with other departments are handled professionally and promptly so they don’t become heated” only 16.54% said “Rarely.”

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Finally, if you deal with difficult people at work, are overwhelmed by your workload, can’t get anyone to meet deadlines, or work too much, this webinar series is for you! Join us next week for Transform Your Boundaries and Get Better Results: CALM Coaching for Nonprofit Communicators with author and psychotherapist Sarri Gilman. We’ve lowered the price to $99 for the series so more of you can join us.

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