Have you checked out the new report from NeonOne called The Nonprofit Email Report?

It is definitely worth the download and read.

There are A LOT of great insights in the report, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just my favorite five, but here goes.

So you know, this report really does match the nonprofits that are most likely to be Nonprofit Marketing Guide folks. It applies to you! They consider a “small” average list to be 547 contacts and an average “large” list to be 6,602 contacts.

Here we go . . .

  1. You have to see the most engaging email of the year.  It looks like so many different nonprofit emails we see! It’s not super polished. There are blocks of text and blocks of graphics, but they did so many little things right that it WORKED. The report breaks down why.
  2.  Nonprofit-specific advice on subject lines and preview text. There’s an entire section of the report devoted to these bits of microcontent that worry everyone so.
  3. Contrarian advice to try! According to the data, the best days to engage your donors are Wednesday and Friday (yeah, you read that right).  Time of day? Conventional wisdom holds on that one: late morning/noonish. Another one: Putting “newsletter” in the subject line doesn’t work great in the corporate world, but guess what: it’s fine for nonprofits!
  4. Positive subject lines work! The top-performing subject line emotions are relief, gratitude, pride, excitement, and optimism. Yay for adding a little sunshine to the inbox. Nagging subject lines not so much. The words Reminder, Member, and Meeting have a negative impact.
  5. Preview text actually works. Emails that included preview text (basically that second subject line) raised 54% more than those that didn’t.

Download the report and check out all of our nonprofit email advice too.

Published On: May 2, 2023|Categories: Email Marketing|