Last week I shared some ways you can ask your community to show their support that don’t involve donating.

Here is a quick recap:

  • Sign a Pledge
  • Watch Video and Share
  • Take the Quiz
  • Ask an Expert a Question
  • Download a Guide
  • Honor a Memory

Today, I am back – along with our favorite fake organization – The Center for Wayward Squirrels – to show you six more ways to make a community engagement ask.

6 MORE Ways You Can Ask Your Community to Engage

1. Share Your Story

Ask your supporters to share their own experiences and stories.

Dealing with an outbreak of Cracked Acorn Syndrome can be terrifying. Share your experience, and help others. What happened at your house?

2. Upload a Photo

Ask supporters to take a picture of themselves doing something (e.g. holding up a sign, or volunteering) or wearing something (e.g. a certain color), or of a situation they come across, related to your cause.

Our “Bird Seed Thieving No More” prevention campaign is underway! Upload pictures of seed thieves in your area, so we can decide where to focus our outreach efforts.

3. Say Thank You

Give your supporters the opportunity to thank someone who has been special in their own lives, with a theme related to your cause.

Who has helped you live at peace with your squirrel neighbors? Give them a special shout-out of thanks by writing a message here.

4. Send a Word of Encouragement

Ask your supporters to send a word of encouragement to someone who needs it – usually a group of people that your organization works with or serves in some way.

Nearly 300 squirrels and 300 dogs are starting the prestigious Squirrel – Canine Exchange Institute. It’s a challenging program! Can you send a word of encouragement today?

5. Take a Challenge

Ask your supporters to do something specific that is usually somewhat difficult, or requires some kind of follow-through on their part.

Show you care, and that you understand the struggles that acorn hoarders are facing. Clear out one closet, drawer, or bookshelf in your house, and take a before and after picture!


Ask your supporters to sign up to attend an event of some kind.

You are invited to a special networking event to meet with other families who have combated Cracked Acorn Syndrome in their own yards. RSVP to attend and we will reserve a special copy of our new how-to guide just for you to pick up at the event.

Next week we’ll talk about fundraising asks you can use.