An engagement ask is simply another way, besides donating, that people can confirm that they share your values and want to participate in your good work.

You are asking people to do things that help build rapport with them over time, allow them to give in other non-monetary ways, and since these actions often take place via social media, to connect with other like-minded supporters.

Today I am sharing sample “asks” or “appeals” that will work for community engagement.

To provide some sample language – and to have a little fun – we are using our favorite fake organization: The Center for Wayward Squirrels.

6 Ways You Can Ask Your Community to Engage

1. Sign a Pledge

Ask people to agree to do something, to not do something, or to say that they agree or disagree with some kind of statement or values.

See something; say something! Sign the pledge:  “I will not tolerate wayward squirrels in my yard. I promise to contact the Center for Wayward Squirrels to request help.”

2. Watch Video and Share

Ask supporters to watch your video, then share with their own social media network.

Watch this video and learn the three tell-tale signs of Cracked Acorn Syndrome. Then share it with your friends and family!

3. Take the Quiz

These can be fun or serious. Facebook in particular is full of various quiz results (What kind of vegetable are you? What state should you live in?)

Are the squirrels in your yard going wayward? Take the quiz and find out!

4. Ask an Expert a Question

Use the expertise or celebrity in your organization. Ask your supporters to submit questions for that person, and then set up a way for the person to answer the submitted questions.

Concerned about how wayward squirrel behavior is affecting your cat, dog, or child? Ask our expert your questions on our Facebook page, then call into our free teleconference next week.

5. Download a Guide

Compile helpful tips or how-tos into a guide that supporters can download and use in their own lives.

Trying to manage wayward squirrels on your own? Download our new guide with easy to follow steps on how to discourage wayward behavior in your yard.

6. Honor a Memory

Give your supporters the opportunity to remember and honor a loved one, or a fond memory from their own past.

Let’s celebrate the 80% of squirrels who are well-behaved! Share your fondest memory of interacting with squirrels in your yard.