I don’t know about you, but sitting at my desk all day is really hard right now. Like near impossible.

Here are a few ways to stay motivated during the sweet summertime months when all of that work still needs to get done . . .

Give more time to strategic thinking and professional development. Go sit outside with a pen and a notebook and think big thoughts under a shady tree. Or read a non-fiction book with your feet in the grass.

Go in earlier, and LEAVE EARLIER. Get up and get it over with so you have more time to enjoy these nice long days. The key here is to actually leave earlier rather than getting sucked into more work or meetings!

Treat yourself with tall, refreshing, sparkly or fruity drinks at your desk. Or if the air conditioner is on full freeze blast mode, a special warm drink normally reserved for winter!

Schedule light days around your vacation. So you can truly enjoy your actual vacation, schedule lighter days before and after. You’ll fill all the before days with last-minute stuff anyway, and you’ll need the lighter days afterward to catch up.

Take some meetings outside. Move your office meetings outside or make them walking meetings. Grab those earbuds and do that conference call while strolling through the park.

Bring the outside inside. Bring fresh flowers into work with you (as long as you or your office mates are too allergic). Or get a new houseplant for your desk.

Which one are you going to try this week? Let us know in the comments!