This may have been the “Year of the Thank You Video” – lots of really great stuff arrived in my inbox in the last week. So much so that even the well-written Thanksgiving messages without videos seemed a little boring and dated to me. The ones with video felt so much more alive and real.

For two years now, I have been using the “Our Scientists Say Thanks” video from the Nature Conservancy as the model for others to steal from aspire to.

Rachel Hicks at the Archie Bray Foundation saw a presentation where I showed the Nature Conservancy video earlier this year, and she made her own version:

This year, the Nature Conservancy shared a new video, called a World of Thanks to You that retains many of the elements I loved in the first one: staff from around the world speaking as themselves, showing the down-to-earth diversity of the work. So now you have two different versions to model yours on!

Always spot-on, Stacey Monk at Epic Change shared this video that gives donors everything they need: warm thanks, real impact, vision for the future, and an invitation to help get there.

If you can’t get enough of beautiful smiles on happy, silly kids sharing their gratitude for donors who are helping them stay healthy and in school (and c’mon, who can?), watch the Thank You video from Children of the Nations:

Here’s a little bonus for those of you who aspire to something even bigger: The Humane Society of the United States has created an interactive Thanks for Being a Hero page, with lots of different success story videos included (click over the animals).

Katya posted two more thank-you videos she liked on her blog on Thanksgiving.

These are just a few that landed in my inbox and I’m sure you came across many others yourself. Share links to your favorite thank you videos that premiered last week in the comments.