It’s time to nerd out and get the work gifts you want, even if you are buying them for yourself!

The Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck fits the bill . . . it’s an info-packed, affordable, and (big) pocket-sized tool to help you figure out your strategy for 2021 and beyond.

Our Nonprofit Communications Strategic Planning Card Deck is designed specifically for nonprofits and allows you to shuffle through all of the most common nonprofit marketing goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics based on our years of research and coaching hundreds of nonprofits.

With more than 100 cards to choose from, you can select the Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactics that are right for your nonprofit. Each card includes a definition on the back to help you educate yourself and others about your choices. No more pulling ideas out of thin air or trying to imagine what you are missing out on. It’s all the deck.

You can visually mix and match the cards however you want to create the winning hand for YOUR nonprofit — perfect for the more “visionary” folks who are having a hard time “seeing” your communications plan in all those paragraphs you’ve been writing.

Here’s what other comms staff have said about the card deck:

  • “I loved the visualization of marketing strategy through those cards. That’s brilliant.”
  • “Can’t wait to spread my cards out on the table and start playing!”
  • “I love the cards!”
  • “I really like the card deck. That’s unique and I like that you can engage visually and physically with them.”
  • “Love the cards!”
  • “Great idea of using cards to set up a plan”
  • “Love the card deck.”
  • “The card deck is such a visual approach that I think will be really helpful in making choices and building a plan!”

The card deck is available at Amazon (nice if you have prime shipping) or from us directly (which costs a bit more for the shipping).

Published On: December 22, 2020|Categories: Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies|